Dog makes it difficult

My favorite dog Roscoe is a little fluffy white fur ball, she is literally part of the family, however periodically she can be a real pest, and not only is she messy and somewhat slobbery, but she honestly messes around with our heating & cooling system.

Negative, I’m not saying that the dog climbs up on a chair & adjusts the temperature on the temperature control or anything like that, then but she does give us troubles with keeping the heating inside the home during the Winter time along with the a/c inside the home during the summer! See, this dog enjoys to run in and out of the home more than any dog that I’ve ever stumbled upon.

Almost every single time I have to open the door for him, the outside air rushes in & in the inside air rushes out! I wish there was some way to explain to him that he’s costing me a ton of money in heating & cooling bills. It is clear that he’s more concerned about looking for squirrels & barking at the mailman. She couldn’t care any less about how much it ends up being just to run the furnace & the a/c in our house. I don’t recognize – periodically I wonder if it’s worth all of the extra cash & hassle to have a cat. But then I look at her furry adorable face & I recognize that I could never get rid of him. I recognize our Heating, Ventilation & A/C system will just have to keep on working a little harder & all of us will just have to keep paying a tiny amount more for heating and cooling for as long as she is around.


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