My a/c has a different smell

I have only been in my new apartment for a total of multiple weeks.

After a recent divorce, I needed to downsize abruptly as well as signed a lease for the first studio apartment I found that was within a 10 mile radius of my office.

My ex-husband as well as I were living together in a huge three family room house, so I feared that the new space would think cramped as well as claustrophobic. To my surprise, my new dwelling is extremely cozy as well as warm, reminding myself and others of my dorm back in school that I shared with a friend of mine. There is a gulf of time between then as well as now, but this series of recent changes has felt care about going on reset in a sense anyway. But even so, as much as I care about my new studio apartment, I constantly think limited on space. This has gotten so out of hand that my storage component is now nearly packed to the brim from housing the overflow of everything I can’t fit in my tiny apartment. I have resorted to utilizing space down to the barest inch, barely fitting a couch in between a miniature stackable refrigerator as well as a little table for meals. There are only 2 closets here, the clothes closet as well as the closet for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning air handler. I resorted to storing my cleaning supplies as well as chemicals inside the air handler closet, but after I noticed a strong chemical aroma permeating my apartment following work 1 night, I realized my mistake. I was forced to buy a cheap press board pantry that you slap together with tiny wooden pegs. It doesn’t look fantastic, but it will prevent the aromas from the chemicals as well as mops from getting circulated through my a/c. Eventually the aroma seeps into the filter, shortening its life before I have to buy a new 1.
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