Want to switch off the furnace and run the AC now

I also don’t want to get cooling service and then not run the AC for another month

I am desperate to tranathletic activity into the Summer mindset; The weather is just not cooperating with me, then everyday is slightly freezing and rainy, since the weather is cold, I can’t change anything over to the Summer stuff, however i can’t set up the patio furniture in the pouring rain. I can’t garden in the chilly cold. There is no point decreasing pants out for shorts if I won’t wear them. The last thing I want to change is from heating to cooling. I want to let our gas fireplace finally rest and have the central air conditioner turn on. Ideally, I want a Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional to come into our lake house to look at both systems. I want him to disinfect up the gas fireplace and check for any furnace repairs. I want to know the gas furnace is in fantastic shape and ready to sit for the sizzling season, however after this, I want him to perform cooling service. The AC program needs to be lubricated, cleaned and tightened. Then I would know comfortable running the cooling device. There is no point calling the Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor though. I have to run the heating device everyday. I can’t have the furnace cleaned when it is scalding hot. I also don’t want to get cooling service and then not run the AC for another month. So I am waiting, waiting and waiting some more for the weather to change. I am sick of the cold, the heating and the long sleeves I have to wear daily. I am tempted to just not allow myself to run the furnace anymore.

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