The worry of the fluctuating temperature

Something strange is going on at the office where I work, and temperatures on the temperature control seem to be fluctuating rather erratically… It can be quite cold a single moment, and the next moment I realize that it has warmed up considerably.

This seems to go back and forth all day long.

The funny thing is, the temperature control is not far from my cubicle. I will lean back in my chair and casually look over where the temperature control is every now and then to see if I can catch anyone decreasing it. I never see anyone and yet the temperatures continue to change back and forth throughout the day! Either the culprits are ninjas, and quite stealthy with decreasing the temperature on the temperature control or something else is going on. I have been asking other co-workers if they notice the sudden changes in temperature and nearly almost everyone has instantly confirmed it, however at this point, it has become an office-wide conspiracy as to what on Earth is going on with the temperature control. Maybe the reason that there is such drastic temperature fluctuations has to do with an actual Heating as well as A/C problem. Maybe the complication has to do with the temperature control itself rather than the weather conditions control unit. It could be either of these things and not some sort of secretive coworker that changes the temperature when no a single is looking. I believe I’m going to have a word with our manager to try and get to the bottom of this. If it’s a complication with any aspect of the Heating as well as A/C unit, it should be fixed so that every one of us can be comfortable again!


heating and air conditioning