The Warehouse Got Me A Free HVAC System

I know a good friend of mine who runs a warehouse that stores a lot of HVAC equipment for a local heating and air conditioning company in his town. This local heating and air conditioning company is about to be going out of business, which is bad news for my friend. Though, he does have other warehouses he runs, this HVAC company was just one of the best paying clients he had. With the heating and air conditioning company going out of business, they were trying to get rid of all the back stock in that warehouse. Only half of the inventory they were actually able to move and sell. The other half was stuck in the warehouse. My friend who owns the warehouse asked them if they wanted it back to move elsewhere, and they told him to just dispose of everything remaining! My friend called me up right away and told me to come down and take my pick of any of the HVAC equipment as well as the heating and cooling products that were there. He knew I was wanting a brand new central heating and air conditioning system, but could not afford one. Now was my chance to get a new heating and air conditioning system completely for free minus the installation costs! I went down there and picked a heating and air conditioning system, then only paid a few hundred for the installation from a local heating and cooling contractor. You could for sure say that this was my lucky day! I hit the jackpot!

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