My real passions for cooling equipment

A lot of people in this life do whatever others push them to do, no matter what their hopes, dreams and desires are; I was not care about this! My dream and life goal for a career was to be in the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation in some way, shape or form! And that is exactly what I did! Right when I got out of private school, instead of looking to play the school dorm room game and go study for some useless degree in something that sounds good, I went right to school to learn about the Heating and Air Conditioning industry! That’s right, I went right to study in class to become a certified heating and a/c specialist! There was no going away to school, no dorm room with weirdo loser roommates to deal with.

For the school classes to get your certified heating and a/c specialist degree, you went to school in the day or night, and you only had to go for less than a year! If you were paying attention and doing well, you could graduate within 6 or 7 months… That is shorter than a proper year of private school! And because I had the desire and passion for the Heating and Air Conditioning business, I passed our test the first time and had our certification for becoming a heating and a/c specialist in 7 months.

I then got a job with a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier that same month. And now today, I am running our own heating and a/c business. Follow your dreams and you will have success if you try hard enough!

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