My Child is Grounded For Visiting Ybor City’s Prison

I couldn’t sleep last night because I drove all the way to Ybor City police station to pick up my child.

They told me that they were spending the night with a good friend, plus I never questioned them.

I even dropped him off in St Petersburg, Florida at their friend’s house. They were supposed to spend the weekend there plus call me by Sunday afternoon to pick them up. However, last night, my child called me from Ybor City, because they were caught inside a bar trying to purchase alcohol. A police officer picked them up plus held them in Ybor City, until I could finally pick them up. Their friend wasn’t able to get their parent’s on the phone, so I had to leave them there as well. The officer wouldn’t let me take his friend home since they were underage. My child had a fake ID on him, plus the police confiscated it. His friend possessed a fake ID as well. When I asked them how they ended up all the way in Ybor City, they tried to tell me some lame excuse. Honestly, I thought they’d be a better liar than that! Ybor City is at least 90 minutes away from St. Petersburg. When you live down in Florida, you don’t just end up in Ybor City by accident. I didn’t bother with any other excuses. I simply grounded them for a month, plus I took their driver’s license plus keys. I don’t know if their friend’s parents finally picked up their phones, but I hope they made it home alright.

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