Going to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay

When my friends and I graduated from middle school, my mom promised to take us anywhere as a special present.

  • My friends and I thought it would be fun to spend the day at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay.

I told my mom that was our plan, and she agreed to buy tickets to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, for myself and five of my friends. I didn’t have to think very hard, because I already knew who to take. I knew that I would take Ricky and Bobby, Trevor and Bill, but Noah was on a safari with his Dad. I had one extra ticket, so I decided to take my little brother with us. He was in seventh grade at the time. He was pretty excited to hang out with my friends and I all day. My mom dropped us off in the morning, and she told me to call when we were ready to come home. My mom went back to the house and spent all day relaxing with her feet up. My friends and I felt like kings, because we were running around Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay all alone. We didn’t ride a lot of the roller coasters, but we did spend a lot of time flirting with girls. My little brother didn’t act like a spaz, and he was actually pretty cool all day long. We stayed through the whole day, until the park closed at 9. My mom was waiting outside, when all of the lights went down. I’ll never forget that time, because it felt so special.

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