Sleeping on my friends couch while I save for a new A/C

Thank God for good friends and family, because the local hotels can be extremely expensive. Last weekend, my AC unit stopped working. I knew the moment that I woke up and found the house warm, that I was going to have a major problem on my hands. The AC unit had a few problems in the past, and the last maintenance appointment didn’t go very well. The AC repair technician told me that the unit was on its last leg, and he suggested saving up for something new. Now I am stuck with an AC unit that needs to be replaced, and no money to make the change. I can only save so much money each week, and I have other bills like the water, electricity, and a car payment. It’s almost 85 degrees outside at night, so I can’t sleep at home. Luckily, one of my best friend’s lives close to my house. He’s been letting me sleep on the couch at night, so I can rest easier. I’m going to replace the AC unit next Friday, when I get my bonus check. Until then, I’ll be sleeping on my friend’s couch he’s been pretty great about the whole situation. He doesn’t mind having someone sleepover, and he likes the indoor climate cold just like me. We would probably make good roommates, but each have our own mortgage. The guy is fun for gaming and hockey, and we enjoy a football game and a cold beer. I can’t start to think about a better friend or neighbor to have in my life.

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