HVAC company says I owe for a previous appointment

I called my HVAC provider to schedule a tune-up this week.

It’s the middle of April and the weather is starting to get really hot.

Yesterday, the outdoor temperature was 87 degrees. If it wasn’t such a breezy day, we would have been overheated. We spent most of the day at the fair, and I expected cool temperatures in April. I should have checked my phone or the news, because the kids were miserable and so was I. We only spent an hour or two riding rides, playing games, and eating concession foods. I would have stayed longer, but even the kids wanted to leave early. When I got home, I immediately thought to call and schedule an appointment with the HVAC provider. Unfortunately, the phone attendant refused to schedule an appointment until I paid an old balance. I didn’t understand how I had a balance with my HVAC provider. I only used this company to install the equipment, and that was six months ago. There was no way that I had a balance. The HVAC provider tried to look up the appointment, but all she could provide me with was a date. Luckily, I had valid proof that my kids and I were out of the state on that date. I don’t know who messed up in the accounting department, but I was very unhappy about the entire event. After the HVAC provider settled the balanced properly, I decided to end my business with that company and contact a different HVAC provider. I can’t deal with that kind of inept business.

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