Helping with emergency efforts always feels good

Working in the HVAC profession for so long, I have been exposed to tons of different stressful scenarios.

I have installed air conditioning units while having two huge dogs growling at me the entire time, and I have also repaired the air ducts in broken heating and cooling units for two continuous hours on the warmest of summer days.

Even with all of these tests that I have faced as my time as a certified HVAC repairman, what I had to help out with last year was the most difficult. Five hours away from the city that I live in, a massive storm had swept through town and it had caused tons of electrical damage. Due to my very impressive resume working as an HVAC repair tech, I was hand selected to travel down to the town and help get it back in order. Once I arrived there, I began to realize how run down the place was. Most of the heating and cooling units I was tasked to fix with were nearly destroyed, and it felt like no matter how many houses I went to or air filters I changed out there was always another house that needed help. After all was said and done, I had spent two straight months in that town working twelve hour days, six days a week solely focused on fixing down broken heating and cooling units in all the homes that needed it. Every day was stressful beyond belief, but the joy and pure happiness that I feel now looking back and knowing that I helped so many people in getting their lives back to normal at least one tiny fraction. The idea of being an old and experienced hVAC repair tech might not be a glamorous profession, but i wouldn’t change it nor my experiences for the world.

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