The bare floor is not an issue

The sound of little feet on a bare floor has always made my heart glow. I can still hear that sound in the depths of my memory. Just thinking of my grown children as little tikes makes me a bit melancholy. But, I have been hearing some little feet in my house. They are not the welcome variety. The first time I noticed them I thought I was just hearing things. However, it wasn’t too much longer before I was certain of the sound. The little feet were rodents and they were up in the vents of the HVAC. My wife nearly fainted when I told her. So, I got with it real quick by placing a call to out exterminator and then the HVAC people. The heating and cooling company I use scheduled an air duct cleaning for the day after the exterminator. I was a bit concerned with how the rodents got into the house and then into our air ducts. They are able to flatten themselves down to squeeze through the narrowest of openings. But, I still couldn’t understand the air duct breach. The HVAC crew showed up at the appointed time and got right to work. They pulled so much debris from the duct system that I was stunned. The HVAC crew also showed me how the ducts had sagged in areas over the years. The sagging had created gaps in between some of the duct segments. This is where the mice had entered. But, these heating and cooling professionals sealed all that up and I’m good as new.

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