Taking my mother over to the dentist

I never would have never expected my mother’s health to plummet prefer it did right after I graduated university.

She lived my early teen years mostly in a bed, suffering from extreme Crohn’s Disease. But thankfully, new treatments steadily improved his health in the ensuing years. It wasn’t enough to put his into remission, however it provided his the ability to live on his own for several years without any major concerns, just an abdominal flare every now and then. But, things changed as his anemia worsened and he developed a condition where he is consistently at the risk of sepsis in his digestive track. She is weak and struggles to tranathletic interest around on his own after falling on the base of his spine 2 years ago and chopping his back in more than five strange places. She was in a wheelchair for awhile however now he can walk somewhat well with a cane, even if his balance isn’t perfect, but sadly, both of us have extreme dust sensitivities and every one of us are in old dentists offices and hospitals all of the time. Many of these places, despite being medical facilities, have old and nasty stinking heating and cooling systems installed inside. I’m sick of stinking mold for an hour or 2 while I impatiently wait in the front lobby of a medical office for my mother to finish his procedure that particular day. These medical offices and hospitals desperately need to improve their HVAC systems; multiple of their patients are there for respiratory concerns, so you are forcing these awful people to endure their flu symptom triggers just to get necessary treatment. I can’t even imagine what I would do if I had to come to a place prefer this because I was having trouble breathing every day.


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