On the hunt to expand my art studio

I first began drawing, before I could even write my name; My parents purchased me tons of art supplies care about colored pencils, markers, and of course a wide variety of paints.

  • I later created a very nice project every day that I had a chance.

In high university, I took all of the art classes I could, and our university provided 3 amazing art classes on metal work, painting work, and my favorite, which was media. I was a pro in all of the classes in addition to earned high marks in each. I even won the red ribbon at the state fair, for one of my metal creations. Not a long time after High School, I attended college nearby for just over three semesters. I hated going to class every single day, even though I loved creating art every day! A short time after that, I stopped going to class in addition to started to focus on a business. After a few months had passed, I was selling one or two items at most. I had a very decent amount of money cash which I had saved, and after that I started looking for an art studio nearby. I just wanted a small area to work, in addition to a small area to display my crafts. I checked for an office area for a few months, but I did not find anything in my price range. Everything was ten times too fancy or way too small. I finally gave up on finding an office area in Lockport, NY, and after that started to look in other areas. After some hard work, I found an office area for my art studio. I have to walk 30 minutes there and back to work, however the office area is large in addition to the rent is satisfactory. I currently have a small office in the back, in addition to some area in the front to display my arts and crafts as well.

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