My brother once spilled grape juice in the A/C unit in our kitchen

My child is forever playing in our kitchen, even though I told him not to.

I mean, he does have his own playroom which is filled with toys and games. And I know that he likes being in there with me when I’m cooking, but I don’t really think the kitchen is a safe place to play. My mother tells me that my brothers and I always played in the kitchen as she was cooking and nothing bad ever happened to any of us. We would all hide in the cupboards as well as use the pots and pans for drums. And I really have no issues with letting my child play drums on our pots and pans. He even has his own cupboard that he is allowed to get into because all it has in it are his pots and pans. My greatest worry is that I remember what my brothers and I did as boys. We once emptied the whole flour canister in the living room so we could pretend that it was a ghost. I also remember our brother putting his juice on top of the window A/C in the kitchen and then we all forgot it was there until he slammed the door as he was running away from our older sister. Trying to explain that one was difficult when our dad saw this red fluid coming out of the a/c. He ripped the entire a/c unit apart, because he thought that there was coolant leaking out of it. When he realized what the sticky mess coming from the A/C actually he was not happy! But he really took it well. However, he was the one who banned us from playing games in the kitchen any more. And I don’t want our child getting into trouble like my brothers and I always did. Of course, in the house I live in now, we don’t have window A/C units to spill juice into.

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