My favorite seafood restaurant growing up

Back when my whole family used to go to church faithfully every Sunday together, we had certain customs on a Sunday that revolved around church.

Which typically went to church in the morning for both Sunday school and morning services.

By the time everything was wrapped up, it was noon time. At this point, we would either go home and Mom would cook her Sunday roast or other such meal or we would go out to eat. One restaurant that we liked to frequent after church was a nice little seafood restaurant. I suppose it wasn’t that little, but it wasn’t a big sprawling one either, nor was it too expensive. In fact, the prices were quite reasonably cheap. I distinctly remember the hot and humid Sundays in the summer, and how good the air conditioner felt in that restaurant. We would always come in from the heat and order our drinks, which would come quite quickly. I remember how good their lemonade was and how refreshing it was to sip on it as we relaxed in the air conditioning. It’s little memories like that that helps me appreciate how nice it was to have a good family life growing up. We never lacked for air conditioner at home either. We hardly had a choice in the hot and humid weather that I grew up in. Restaurants and other businesses knew, especially in the summer, that good air conditioner was good for their business! That seafood business picked up sticks and left quite a few years ago, but I still remember how awesome it was.

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