AC on the shore

I honestly love a good authentic experience more than the average person.

When I hear somebody say they’re going to eat at an authentic Italian restaurant, I believe that all ingredients of the meal are definitely picked fresh from a garden or farm, and made from scratch.

The novelty of an experience like that is something I easily prefer! However, authentic experiences aren’t regularly pleasant. There are times when a realistic experience could mean that you’re going to be in a cottage in the woods for a week. That sounds pretty great, until the realization sets in that there’s no automated heated appliance! Cutting down trees and splitting up wood is very challenging work. Among the same lines is staying at a remote shack on the beach. I did this a few months ago, thinking that it would be a very charming “off the grid” experience… However, I didn’t even consider how tepid it was in the daytime hours – and that there was no air conditioning appliance in the least! No cooling system in the home meant I had to leave the windows open throughout the day and night. That of course made any enjoyable air quality disappear, as the home was entirely filled with sand, insects and more. I couldn’t even stay for a couple of days in a row – that’s just how miserable I was. When I went back home from that lousy hovel on the shore, I instantly turned on our central cooling appliance by using our iphone to control the thermostat. It was such a lovely change, I had never slept so peacefully as I did that evening!


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