Attending a university with some poorly heated classrooms

I’m grateful for being able to attend a pretty good university back in the afternoon.

We were not entirely big, nor did the people I was with and I have the highest budget, however the people I was with and I had some great quality mentors and good facilities.

However, everyone who lived in the dorms told me that I was so lucky to be able to live so close to the university that I was able to drive to our classes from home. They said that the dorms were often chilly in the winter, if not literally, than at least it felt care about it to them. They claimed they had no control over the temperature control and it was set to an unreasonably mild temperature. I began to understand what they were talking about when I started to attend particular classes in the winter. Some buildings were better at heating than others. It was the older buildings that had problems with insulation and unreasonable heating units. Once you began to understand which building was which, choosing classes might end up having something to do with whether or not the rooms were comfortable. It was that bad at times. Then there were those crazy people who absolutely wanted to open a window when it was snowing outside because they felt it was too stuffy. Thankfully, they were entirely suddenly shouted down when they even began to attempt it! I hear the university has much better Heating and A/C these days, however back in the afternoon, the people I was with and I entirely had to put up with some cold rooms! I hope the modern university students understand how lucky they are.


Air conditioning expert