A/C is great for your home

The number of gyms I have joined over the years is staggering.

I join and then right away stop going once I’m a month or two in. And I have done this dance over and over and over again. The money got directly yanked from our account and I promptly quit laboring out. Instead, I just put our feet up in the and did nothing. This past year has changed that a bit. Taking our health a bit more seriously has helped me to look at laboring out as area of the equation not the end all be all. I figured I would take all the money I am wasting at the gym and purchase some basic house exercise equipment. A guest study room in our condo became the house gym. I have utilized it far more. However, our family gets mad because I crank the down so I don’t overheat while exercising. The Heating and Air Conditioning tech was doing the seasonal maintenance when I mentioned our exercise room situation. She had an immediate solution. The heating and cooling pro said she could supply that room or any rooms its own independent control unit. She was able to convert the existing heating and cooling plan into a zoned controlled environment. The workout room now has its easily own control unit. I can then keep that room super cool without freezing out the rest of our family. It works so well that I am considering putting in some more zones throughout those notorious sizzling and cold spots within our home. I had no program with just some electronically controlled vents and dampers there could be such individualized comfort. It sure beats having 71 dollars taken out of our bank account each month for nothing.


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