Visiting my Aunt Ruth as a child

Visiting my great-aunt’s condo was an interesting experience growing up, most of the relatives that we had were far away from where my family decided to end up residing early on in my life.

All of us moved way down south from everyone. My parents will tell you there was just better chance in the town that we settled in, not to mention the fact that taxes weren’t so out of control. I did not like any of that stuff growing up. All I knew is that my relatives were far away up north where it was nice and cool, and I missed them. Except for my fantastic aunt Elena, she had moved it down quite a few years before we did. She was a honestly sweet outdated lady, but there was something honestly weird about how she kept her house. As boiling as it would get in that town, she did not seem to believe in air conditioner. All I remember about going to see her condo is that it was regularly quite boiling and there was a strange and unique odor in the air. My parents would rest down for long conversations and all I wanted was the relief of the cooling system back in the car. Even as a kid, I wondered how healthy it could be for an outdated lady to live in such a boiling house. I think I saw a window cooling system in that condo once, but it looked honestly outdated and rusty! The lack of cooling system did not seem to bother on Elena all that much, because she went on to live for quite a few years after that!

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