The worst quality service, the best results

After the recent installation of my brand new air conditioning unit I am feeling conflicted.

I absolutely love the unit itself.

It is ten times more powerful and energy efficient than my previous air conditioning unit. Not only is it much stronger, but it is so quiet that I forget that it is even running half the time. I am the mother of three kids all under the age of six, so I now never have to worry about my old and rusty a/c unit waking the kids up during their naps! The only problem that I am having with my situation has nothing to do with the performance of the new a/c unit, but the HVAC repair tech who installed it. During the entire two day installation process last week I was blown away by how flat out rude this man was. From the moment he walked into my house with an annoyed look on his face until he left, he was extremely rude and unprofessional. Early on in the process when he was working on installing the unit I thought it would be a nice gesture to bring him some fresh lemonade. As I walked into the living room however, I saw this man smoking in my living room without even asking! I was so surprised that I didn’t even know what to say. As you can tell, I was glad when the process was over and he got the heck out of my home. I really want to call down to the HVAC company and let them know how lousy his customer service was, but I am also blown away by the performance and don’t want to rustle any feathers with them. In the meantime as I weigh my options, at least I am able to have a cooled off home to do it in.

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