Penny pinching on new unit isn’t worth the stress

Growing up as a kid I was brought up in a very middle class family.

We always had enough to eat at dinner, but there was never enough money to go and spend on vacations or trips to the movies on the weekend.

My parents were a typical penny pincher couple, always trying to find the best deal possible no matter what we were looking for. I remember my dad trying to fix up the old and run down heated gas furnace on his own every winter, looking at youtube videos for reference. Now that I am a parent with a wife and family of my own, I am starting to notice that this habit has been passed onto me. Just last week, I spent six hours negotiating with several different HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling companies trying to find out who had the cheapest price for installing a new air conditioning unit. It always drives my wife crazy whenever I act on stuff like this, especially when it comes to HVAC appliances. She comes from a much wealthier family than I do, and it makes no sense to her as to why I would try to save money on such an important thing that keeps the family comfortable and happy like an air conditioning unit does. I always realize how silly my tactics are whenever she tells me this and brings me back to earth. Not long after we talked I was able to find the HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company for the job and get the date set the same day. It most likely wasn’t the cheapest deal I could have gotten, but as long as my family is happy it doesn’t matter.



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