Living in the Northeast is a challenge sometimes

If you live in the northeastern part of the country like my family and I do, then you know what a cold wintertime actually feels like.

The temperatures here can get down way below zero.

I remember once last year when the temperature got down to twenty below zero! Anyway, the weather is just brutal around here and so heating your home can be a real challenge at times. And even though we live in the Northeast, it does get hot here in the summer too. So not only do we have issues with our heating in the winter, sometimes it’s hard to pay for cooling the house off in the summer. I’m a researcher, and so I am always looking for energy savings tips that we can use in our home to save money on our heating and cooling bills. Once in a while I will find a good one, too! For instance, did you know that something as simple as servicing your air conditioning system in the spring can save you lots of money over the summer? Just doing simple maintenance tasks like replacing your air filters or even cleaning your air filters can lower your cooling system’s energy expenditure by up to twenty percent! Installing ceiling fans can help keep you cooler in the summer with a cool breeze, but they can also be reversed to help keep your warm air circulating during the winter time, too. Caulking air leaks and cracks around your windows and doors will help too. I’ve learned a lot of energy savings tips over the past few years, just to keep the cost of my heating and cooling bills down a few dollars each month.

Heater maintenance