Girlfriend is grumpy with no a/c

I love my girlfriend to death, but she can be so over the top sometimes! She has a tendency to overreact to certain things that come up in life, thus making the entire situation ten times worse.

I am a very laid back and quiet type of person, and because of this it is hard for me to change her mind on anything once she gets going.

A perfect example of this happening was last week when we had one of our annual HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling repair check ups scheduled for early in the morning. We had planned this appointment weeks in advance, but when the time came for the appointment nobody from the HVAC company showed up. We were both pretty irritated because we really needed our heating and cooling unit to be looked at, but my girlfriend ended up taking the no show from the HVAC repairman way too personal. She ended up calling over to the hVAC company and telling them about the HVAC check up we had planned. The person on the phone was trying to calm my girlfriend down and even offered to reschedule the HVAC heating and cooling checkup for half off, but my girlfriend, out of rage, declined the offer and said that we would find a better company to work with. Now instead of simply rescheduling to tomorrow and saving tons of money on the HVAC checkup, we had to look for a new company. I still love the woman to death, but she needs to get her temperature under control before it really ends up costing us.

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