College mornings can be very tricky

Looking back to our university years a long time ago, its so funny guess about all of the things that I would do just to make some money on the side! Even though I was a full time student who took his classes undoubtedly seriously, I was always on the hunt for new job opportunities part time. One of the first jobs that I was able to get during university was the worst job I ever had. It was a work intensive job toiling in a wareapartment early in the day; Not only was is it super chilly in the area of the country that I live in, however was also severely chilly in the wareapartment that I worked. Even though the wareapartment itself was giant enough to have a football field put inside of it there was only one or several outdated plus run down heating units inside; When our friend from work plus I had enough plus tried to go to our manager about the complication with the lack of heating, he told us to “man up” plus wear some extra warm clothing if it was that bad. I even tried to take matters into our own hand at one point when I brought our mini portable heating units with myself and others to work one day in hopes to stay at least a little more warm. The moment that our boss saw that I had the heating unit with myself and others however, he yelled at myself and others to go put it in our locker immediately. I quit this job shortly after this when I realized that any job that can’t afford to get heating to its employees isn’t worthy of our time. Now when I apply to new jobs as an adult, I make sure they confirm they have usual heating plus cooling during the interview.


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