Redeeming the Forgotten Room

When we bought our home, we thought the back room would end up being the favored room by our boys. We expected there would be a fight over that room, but they fought over who wouldn’t be in there. They chose to share a room rather than to sleep in that room. I was really worried for awhile until I stepped foot in there during the winter. I could feel a draft coming from the room and I thought a window was open. The boys said they hadn’t been in there, but that was how the room always was during the winter. I called the HVAC company because I thought there was something wrong with the air vents or with the thermostat. The HVAC company showed up with a heat detector. What the heat gun showed was that there was spots around the window that had never been properly sealed. With the tree outside the room, there was no way for the sun to get in and heat the room. We put spray foam insulation all around the window, which cut down on the draft coming in. The HVAC technician suggested a ventilator fan. The fan was placed inside the wall that was shared with the other bedroom. The ventilator fan worked to help the heat to come up through the air vents. With this room being the farthest away from the furnace, the heat was not able to get to this room and the ventilator fan was going to help give it a boost. Now my boys are doing rock, paper, scissors to see who is moving out of the room they share.


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