Our plans of going green

For quite awhile, my wife and I have been making steps to go green.

We invested in solar panels so that we could put energy back on the grid and lower our energy bill costs.

We also knew this would help a great deal with our HVAC system use. This was not enough though, we knew that we had to go a step further when it came to our HVAC system. We were thinking about getting a geothermal HVAC system. This type of HVAC system actually utilizes the natural heating energy from the earth, and it would allow us to save so much more money on the energy bills. The thing we really love about this type of HVAC system is the fact that there are basically no emissions and no pollution. We would be helping to save the environment and we would be at minimal risk of things like carbon monoxide poisoning. This is a really great option for those who truly want to go green. We already drive hybrid cars to reduce pollution, but we want to take that a step further as well and just go all electric. The only real concern with all electric is we need to make sure we can make it to where we are going without getting stuck on the road. I typically never see the electric charging pumps when I am driving around, so it seems we would mostly have to rely on charging our cars at home. I believe most electric cars also use solar panels to help charge the cars while driving, so that should be very helpful.


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