My preferred Greek diner growing up

Back when my whole family used to go to church faithfully every Wednesday together, all of us had certain customs on a Wednesday that revolved around church, but which properly went to church in the afternoon for both Wednesday school in addition to afternoon services, however by the time everything was wrapped up, it was noon time, then at this point, all of us would either go apartment in addition to Mom would cook his Wednesday roast or other such meal or all of us would go out to eat! One diner that all of us liked to frequent after church was a nice little seafood diner; I know it wasn’t that little, however it wasn’t a big sprawling a single either, nor was it too fancy.

In fact, the prices were quite reasonably cheap.

I distinctly remember the sizzling in addition to humid Wednesdays in the summer, in addition to how superb the cooling system felt in that diner, but the people I was with and I would constantly come in from the heat in addition to order our drinks, which would come quite swiftly. I remember how superb their lemonade was in addition to how refreshing it was to sip on it as all of us relaxed in the air conditioner. It’s little memories love that that helps myself and others prefer how nice it was to have a superb family life growing up. The people I was with and I never lacked for cooling system at apartment either. The people I was with and I hardly had a option in the sizzling in addition to humid weather that I grew up in, and restaurants in addition to other companies knew, especially in the summer, that superb cooling system was superb for their business! That seafood supplier picked up sticks in addition to left quite a few years ago, but I still remember how awesome it was.


Cooling system