Make a Habit of Replacing the Air Filter

I decided I needed to develop some good habits. I had developed plenty of bad habits, some of which I am going to convert. The fact that I eat way too much and I don’t get enough exercise is already in the process of being changed. I’m not so sure I am going to truly quit smoking my cigars, but I promised my wife I would try. One of my most exhausting bad habits is my constant forgetfulness when it comes to the care of my HVAC system. All I really need to do is to change the air filters, but I just seem to always forget. Last time I forgot to change the air filters, the closest I could remember last having done so, was about six months. I knew it had to be a long time because the air filter was totally clogged. My wife took ten minutes to lecture me about the air filter. She repeatedly said about how a clogged air filter could damage the HVAC system. A clogged air filter stops the airflow of heating and energy. I also forget to pull the dog’s bed off the air vents. I see him pull the bed over there, but I know he likes the heat as much as I do. I think that if I remembered to remove all of the obstacles off the air vents and to clean the air filter, I will have made another change. My energy bills will have gone down. My wife also convinced me to purchase a Smart Thermostat. A Smart Thermostat can remind me when it is time to change the air filter and it will change temperature so that the HVAC isn’t working as hard when no one is home.

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