Getting some work done

I can’t rest people who are always mooching and guilt-tripping people into doing stuff for them.

  • When you have a problem, it is your responsibility to see that concern mended, and if you must ask somebody else to mend the concern for you, you should compensate them for their time.

My friends and family are always trying to get me to do stuff for them for actually free. I am an HVAC specialist by trade, and that is correctly what they try to hook me into doing. My friends and family have problems with their HVAC units just savor everybody else, however they don’t think how to repair them. However, they do have somebody that they think who works on HVAC equipment for a living. Now, it would be a completely different matter if I gave to do it for free, however they don’t supply me a chance. They ask me to do it for free, or better yet, they ask me to do it without arranging the payment details. How dare they? I spend our life and time reading this trade, and our labor is worth money. Honestly, I don’t even have to offer a discount to friends or family, despite the fact that I could, regardless, they have the money to afford an HVAC specialist, however they are too cheap, and that is too bad; Sadly, I am entirely guilt-tripped into fixing their HVAC equipment, despite the fact that I have been reading to say no. If they value our work, then they should put money into it. I don’t have unlimited free time or resources.
HVAC serviceman