They can feel the heater

When I talked to him last weekend, he was shivering and his teeth were chattering

My son has been in the Army for 6 months, and he always complains about the cold sleeping barracks. When he first joined the army, I thought he would complain about being home sick. He never liked going out with friends, and he was always in the house. He liked to play video games and board games, and he rarely spent much time outdoors. I never thought he would join the military and move so far away from home. When my son calls, he usually complains about the lack of heat in the barracks. My son is used to the tropical, humid, and lush weather of the south. We hardly ever have any cold days, even during the middle of January or February. Sometimes the temperatures will dip into the 40s, but we rarely ever use our heater. My son has been stationed in a much colder region, and he isn’t used to the frigid temperatures. It rains almost every day, and the sun barely comes out from behind the clouds. I guess the barracks don’t have a good heating system, because the base is so old. I think it’s been in use since the first war. Last month, my son asked me to send him socks, gloves, and long underwear. He also asked for some hot cocoa and coffee. When I talked to him last weekend, he was shivering and his teeth were chattering. I’m sure the barracks have heat, but maybe they don’t want the kids to get too comfortable. After all, basic training in the Army isn’t supposed to be a fun time.

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