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Why do people call myself and others lucky because I have such a knowledgeable plus handy husband. he can do everything from building a tv sit to building a pergola over our patio, but he easily is good plus I cannot complain. That’s why our home looks so lovely plus well kept because of his handiness. I think that his expansive knowledge in knowing how to do a lot is due to the fact that my husband works in a technical plus hands on field. My husband has worked in the heating plus cooling industry for multiple years, then everytime he inspects our heating plus cooling system he gives myself and others a little fact on what certain things do plus why they are crucial for the heating plus cooling process, however when it comes to a furnace I did not realize that combustion gases are generated by the burners inside of the heating furnace. That’s when the heat exchanger comes in. It passes through the heat exchanger. Then from there the air in the home blows across the heat exchanger to be warmed plus then it’s blown through a system of HVAC duct which eventually goes out into the air vents to heat or cool a home. It’s a actually complex system however I am actually lucky to have a person in my life who has expanded my knowledge in everything including the heating plus cooling industry. I’m curious to think more plus once the weather gets warmer out I hope he’ll show myself and others the ins plus outs of our air conditioning system. The air conditioning system is such an innovation. If you guess about it, air conditioning system was unheard of only thirty years ago!

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