I'm not certain about that

I have been raised to be considerate of other people & to consistently have regular manners, regardless of the situation, however i consistently open the door for people & I consistently say “please” & “thank you”, well, the other day when I was experiencing issues with my Heating & Air Conditioning system, I asked the local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier to please send an Heating & Air Conditioning worker over to have my Heating & Air Conditioning proposal fixed. They were a little rude over the cellphone & said it would be a few days because they were busy. I said that would be wonderful & thanked them. When the Heating & Air Conditioning worker finally made it to my site, she was also entirely rude & she kind of smelled prefer she had been drinking, then she basically just shoved past me & went to work on the Heating & Air Conditioning unit. She handed me the bill when she was done & I thanked him for her work. She just shrugged off my thanks & went on her way. When she was gone, the Heating & Air Conditioning proposal was still experiencing issues. When I told my friends, they were outraged but I figured it was just not a wonderful day for the woman. I called the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier & asked them to please come back because the Heating & Air Conditioning proposal was still having issues… My friends got on my case because they said I should not be so nice to these people because they were taking advantage & not doing a wonderful task. They said I should be demanding that they repair the proposal & I should have the work done for free because of their terrible service. I could understand where they were coming from, but that’s just not the type of girl I am.

HVAC serviceman