That's a nice guy

I have been raised to be considerate of other people and to regularly have common manners, regardless of the situation, i regularly open the door for people and I regularly say “please” and “thank you”, then well, the other day when I was experiencing complications with our Heating and A/C system, I asked the local Heating and A/C supplier to please send an Heating and A/C worker over to have our Heating and A/C system fixed, however they were a little rude over the PC and said it would be a few days because they were busy.

I said that would be nice and thanked them. When the Heating and A/C worker finally made it to our site, he was also absolutely rude and he kind of odored appreciate he had been drinking, however he basically just shoved past me and went to toil on the Heating and A/C unit. He handed me the bill when he was done and I thanked him for his work. He just shrugged off our thanks and went on his way. When he was gone, the Heating and A/C system was still experiencing complications. When I told our friends, they were outraged however I figured it was just not a fantastic day for the guy. I called the Heating and A/C supplier and asked them to please come back because the Heating and A/C system was still having complications, my friends got on our case because they said I should not be so nice to these people because they were taking advantage and not doing a fantastic task. They said I should be demanding that they maintenance the system and I should have the toil done for free because of their poor service. I could understand where they were coming from, however that’s just not the type of guy I am.


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