No ventilation

Did you think that a lack of ventilation can lead to a high amount of humidity in your home? I did not understand that humidity & ventilation can go hand-in-hand, until I had a conversation with our heating & air conditioning professional.

My partner & I were having a lot of trouble with high hot & cold temperatures in the house. Even with the a/c running all afternoon & all evening, the temperature in the apartment still feltboilingand wet. My partner & I had an seasoned dial thermostat, & we had no way of knowing how much humidity was building up in our home. When we contacted the heating & air conditioning professional, she measured the amount of humidity in our home, then our percentage of moisture in the air was close to 60%, when it should be around 30-35%, then the heating & air conditioning professional suggested that our beach apartment atmosphere would benefit from a dehumidifier. She also suggested that more ventilation would help as well. My partner & I decided to buy a dehumidifier for our Heating & A/C unit, but we also decided to add an exhaust fan in the Attic. The exhaust fan helps pull excessboilingair & moisture out of the house. The dehumidifier helps rid the apartment of moisture as well. With the added ventilation & the dehumidifier, our partner & I are hopeful that the problem will eventually subside. Humidity can cause a lot of problems like mold & mildew, & that will eventually ruin all of the equity in your home. I’ve seen an entire basement destroyed by mold, & I don’t want that to happen to our home.

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