A climate-controlled garage to serve as my brother's temporary apartment

Last year, my younger brother ran into some financial difficulty.

He was living a few towns over from me when he was unceremoniously laid off in quite a sudden and unexpected manner. He had some money in his saving account, but before long he could no longer afford the rent at his apartment. He contacted me only when it was clear that he had no other options, as he did not want to burden me. However, I was more than happy to help him get back up on his feet. I had just been thinking about how my garage was essentially wasted space with nothing more than junk stored up in there and certainly no cars! For the first couple weeks, he slept on my couch, but during that time we were both working on turning my garage into his own little apartment. Once he was all set up in there, it was clear that he still needed some form of climate control. I decided that even after my brother no longer would have need of it, I would still want my newly freed up garage to be permanently climate controlled, so I invested in a ductless mini-split unit. A ductless mini split HVAC unit was the perfect choice for keeping my size of a garage comfortably cool. Installation was quick and easy, and of course, there was no ductwork required. Eventually, my brother was able to find a new job and make enough money to be on his own again. At that point, the sky was the limit as to what I could do with my new climate-controlled room!

New HVAC equipment