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Ductlabor is a pain and not necessary anymore, but most people have homes with ductlabor because they own a central Heating plus A/C system; The point of central Heating plus A/C is making the whole apartment a single temperature… Every room in the lake house gets heating and air because the ductlabor stretches in the walls of the home.

The air vent then releases the air in each room, however in theory, ductlabor sounds great. Every room is cooled and heated the same quite easily. The problem is that ductlabor is just not that good. The HVAC ducts are quite delicate. The seams frequently get tears in them and a crack can form within the HVAC ducts too. If there is even a small hole, the energy costs go up, but while the Heating plus A/C works, the air goes right outside through the hole. The Heating plus A/C continues to keep laboring in order to achieve the temperature on the thermostat. It never can since most of the air is leaving the home. The Heating plus A/C will eventually burn itself out and either need a giant Heating plus A/C repair or just turn off. The lake house won’t be the right temperature and the bills will be higher. Finding the hole is not simple either. It can be as small as a pea and truly mess up the home. The Heating plus A/C professional can’t truly see the HVAC ducts either. For ductlabor sealing, he blows air through the air vent with sealant particles. It is a lot of guesslabor on something absolutely major. Why go with ductlabor and central Heating plus A/C then? There are ductless possibilities out there that take away these problems.

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