This hotel needs something

The last time I went to the tropics I cheaped out on my hotel room plus that was a mistake.

After spending so much on the flights, food plus excursions, I could not stomach a high hotel bill.

I picked a cheap little site that was sort of near everything, you get what you pay for. My bestie plus I could barely fit the room was so small. Every one of us had to keep our bags under the bed since they took up all the floor space. Even doing that, walking around was real tight. I always managed to snag my ankle on the side of the bed. The bathroom was horrible too. Anytime you flushed the toilet it sounded prefer construction was going on. It sounded prefer a drill was working in gravel. The shower water pressure was bad plus it hardly drained. The worst was the AC for the room. There was 1 little window AC device that was kneeling on the floor behind a plant. That made no sense since the plant clogged the airflow. Every one of us had to get creative on where the two of us put the plant since room was scarce. The AC device on the floor was no wonderful since the air near our heads was hot. The cooling device leaked so much water that the two of us could not put in on an end table. The water then would leak all over plus leave a mess. Every one of us ended up just covered in sweat to death every night since the AC did not have the power to handle it. If I ever go back, I will get a room with better AC.


furnace/heater installation