Pizza joint with no ac

I work in a small pizza joint in the mall.

The store usually starts an hour earlier than most of the other places to eat.

So that allows us to get everything prepared without the large crowd. However, this time at our restaurant was one of the hardest shifts I have ever had to work there. It was said to be a hot morning outside, plus it was the perfect time for the cooling system to be running in the store. Everything was going great until the cooling in the store decided that it no longer wanted to do its job. Since it was a weekend, all of us couldn’t call any Heating, Ventilation, plus cooling business to have them come repair it. It would have cost too much to pay for the after hour rate. I worked hot my entire shift. Of course, this time, the customers decided to continue looking and eating pizza for another 45 min after the store was supposed to close. The staff plus I were all covered in sweat without the cooling system on. The Heating, Ventilation, plus cooling system device was blowing out hot air, plus nobody could turn it off because the climate control was at headquarters. I can guarantee that the dry cleaning company in town would get a ton of help from our store since I was a mess after that shift. After work, our manager decided to diagnose the concern on her own plus discovered that a mouse had chewed through the wiring to the Heating, Ventilation, plus cooling system unit.



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