Job well done

As far as sweepstakes and other similar contests go, I am never anything less than skeptical. I have entered plenty in the past, and it has been nothing but a waste of time and money. I just never have any luck with that sort of thing. For my sister’s birthday last weekend, we all went to a casino. I am not a big gambler, so I didn’t bring too much money with me when we went. There were vendors lined up to promote their products and businesses out front. One of the vendors was promoting their new heating and cooling company. For the promotion, they were signing people up for a raffle to win a heating and cooling upgrade. They had people write down all of their contact information and place it in a jar. The winner would get a full upgrade for their HVAC equipment. I said before that I wasn’t too fond of sweepstakes and similar contests, but I was feeling lucky after winning some money back in the casino. I figured I would try a sweepstake one more time and filled out my information with the rest of the crowd. I didn’t hear anything for a month or so, and just figured that I didn’t win. A few days after giving up, I received a phone call from the HVAC company saying that my card was pulled for the free upgrade. I was ecstatic, and immediately began planning the swap out of my old equipment for some newer energy efficient HVAC devices.


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