I won an HVAC sweepstake

I’m extremely skeptical when it comes to entering contests and sweepstakes.

Every time I enter them I end up wasting my money and never winning.

I just have no luck in that type of stuff. Last weekend I went gambling for my sister’s birthday. I was super excited because I won $50 and normally I always lose money when I go to the casinos. I do not go to the casinos very often, so when I go there I make sure that I bring about $100 with me and make sure that I don’t spend any more. While we were at the casino there were a lot of vendors there promoting their businesses and products. One vendor that was set up was a heating and cooling company. They were having people enter a sweepstake where people would have to write their name, phone number, and email address and place it in the jar. If the heating and cooling company picked you, you could win a free heating and cooling system upgrade for your home! Like I mentioned before, I am very skeptical about entering sweepstakes but I was feeling lucky, especially since I just won one hundred dollars and I really needed an upgrade to my heating, ventilation and cooling system in my home. So I went with my gut instinct and entered the sweepstakes. About a month-and-a-half later I didn’t hear anything from the heating and cooling company, I figured that I didn’t win. However out of the blue, I got a call from the heating and cooling company stating that I won an upgrade for my home! I was ecstatic because I was getting my HVAC system swapped out for a energy efficient and money saving HVAC system!
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