Hanging out with some ladies

Whenever both of us plan our ceremonys, as little ladies, everything is picture perfect.

The two of us can see the long veil plus the train on the dress. The two of us know there are pearls, plus flowers plus doves flying overhead. The two of us can hear the tunes playing plus both of us know that it is going to be the most appealing day of our lives. I still had that picture in my mind the day my hubby asked myself and others to marry him. I couldn’t wait to be able to call my friends plus start making all of the plans. I wanted a white dress with all of the pearls plus lace. I wanted a veil that was gossamer thin plus I wanted the arena to be adore a fairy garden spun with silk plus roses. I had my dress plus the veil, plus it was perfect. I had the arena secured plus told them exactly what I wanted. I was going to have a garden ceremony outside of the arena plus the reception partially in the garden, but the sit-down meal would be inside. There was a many piece bank for the start plus a ceremony singer with her band for the dancing. The day of the ceremony dawned appealing. The two of us were just starting on our vows when it began to thunder. Within a few minutes, the skies opened up. The two of us all ran inside, but the lightning had struck a tower, plus there wasn’t any power. Without power, both of us had no air conditioning. They were bringing in gas heaters, because some of us were shivering from being wet. After the gas furnaces did their task, both of us began dripping with sweat. An minute later, the lights came on, along with the air conditioning, but both of us were already having fun. The ceremony singer was singing plus both of us had already begun dancing.