Discovering hydronic heated flooring for the first time

Occasionally you discover something that you absolutely never knew that you needed! You go through your life missing something & you do not realize it until you finally stumbled into it, and i’d spent the past 2 hours driving up a snow-covered mountain.

I was climbing in altitude so fast that our ears began to pop; There were plenty of parts of the mountain road that had no railing or any kind of protection on either side.

I simply did our best not to look down too often; My endpoint was a mountain top ski retreat… When I finally arrived after the perilous journey, I inspected in at the resort & stumbled through the front door of our cabin. I had never been in a room that felt sowarmand toasty. I was marveling at how evenly the room was heated when I took off our boots & realized that the heat was emanating from the floorboards. The wooden floors felt so amazingly comfortable on our bare feet. I was suddenly gleeful to take awarmshower & then just revel in the warmth of our new home for the night. It was in the single digits outside after all! I could barely tell in thatwarm& cozy cabin! I had a single of the best night’s sleep that I could remember thanks to the coziness of that new home & it’s gas furnace. The next morning, when I got the chance, I just had to ask an employee of the resort what form of heating the cabin’s had. The woman replied that most of the cabins had radiant heated flooring. From that point onward, it was our goal to get radiant radiant floors installed in our own home!


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