Repair tech ended up breaking unit, should have hired a pro

Over this past weekend I learned a very valuable lesson that I will never forget as long as I am a homeowner.

When I woke up last Saturday morning, I was in a great mood and ready to attack the day.

I had many things to accomplish for the day, and I had a few errands to run. Unfortunately, those plans were put on hold when I realized that my heating and cooling unit wasn’t working. I was shocked that it was already having some serious breakdown problems because I had just purchased this unit last week. I called the local hvac repair company to ask them for some advice, and that’s when they ended up breaking the news to me about the terrible decision I have made. I didn’t buy this AC unit from a local company, I actually ended up purchasing it on a somewhat sketchy website online. The only reason why I did this was because the unit was so cheap, and I didn’t have the money to spend thousands on a brand new heating and cooling unit. The HVAC repair tech on the phone with me when went on to tell me that thousands of people in the city have fallen for the trap over the past year buying very cheap and unreliable heating and cooling units, only to have to end up spending hundreds if not thousands on monthly upkeep. Which in turn ends up costing much more money in the long run than just to buying a Quality heating and cooling unit from a company you trust. Now instead of enjoying my Saturday, I will have to spend the day scheduling a repair along with trying to get my money back from that sketchy company. Take it from me, don’t skip out when it comes to important household items!


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