Need a better HVAC supplier

Certain moments in time tend to come up in life when you have to do something that you definitely do not want to do, however is just something that needs to be done, however for our partner and I, we just had something like this up arise in our own life.

It wasn’t something super vital like getting a divorce or retiring due to old age, however rather splitting ties with our longtime HVAC heating and cooling maintenance business and moving on to a modern one, however this was definitely difficult for us because over the last fifteen or twenty years we have grown unquestionably close to our regular HVAC maintenance Tech, along with a very important director.

The two of us see how mall around town, and have even gone out to dinner with him more than a few times over the years, and even though we are nice friends however, there has been a very steep and steady drop in the overall quality of the units he sells, along with the quality a service that his employees are giving to clients! Just last a week while in our annual HVAC heating and cooling maintenance check every two months, the repairman who was sent over was extremely rude and inexperienced, on top of the exhausting service He gave to our unit, he ended up overcharging us over $1000 by “mistake”! To be honest this is not just a one-time thing, and has been happening for various weeks. There are various other hbic companies in town that have higher rated reviews on the web, and that has the direction that we’re going to have to go. It’s never simple to take your hard earned money and company away from Friends, but when it comes to the overall well-being of our costly housing items, you simply have to do what is smart.

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