I learned about bumble bees

This past year the two of us have had a real problem with carpenter bees at our house.

These carpenter bees are different little creatures.

I’ve constantly been interested in honey bees plus bumblebees plus their ways of residing. I suppose that there’s nothing more fascinating than seeing bees at task inside their hives. I appreciate seeing documentaries about bees plus their queen plus the drones. However, I had never even heard of carpenter bees before this year. And let me tell you, I have had a disappointing experience with meeting them for the first time! Carpenter bees are bees that love wood. They bore into wood plus they also feed on nectar from flowers, carpenter bees love to feed on plus make their nests in wood, whether it’s aged piles of lumber or absolutely in your house! All of us had a problem with both this Springtime. All of us found a pressing bees’ nest in a pile of leftover lumber that the two of us had outside by our barn! Upon closer inspection, the two of us figured out that the two of us had a bunch of carpenter bees residing out there. Then, to our surprise plus dismay, the two of us found that the two of us had another bunch of them residing in the eaves underneath our roof! Since carpenter bees love wood, the two of us found out that whichever bee removal specialist the two of us used would have to use a specialized pesticide treatment to get rid of all of the carpenter bees. They would have to treat all the affected areas with this pesticide treatment, including the nest, in order to eliminate the bees. After that, they need to seal up all of the holes that the bees made so that no other insects will come along plus populate the nests afterwards.



Bee Removal