Why I want a heat pump plan

I want a heat pump so bad.

The cost of a heat pump is the only thing holding myself and others back, and you get what you pay for though.

Since a heat pump is totally awesome, I would have to pay out the butt for it. The heat pump has both heating & cooling functions. So it makes sense the cost of the actual plan to be a lot. The Heating & A/C upgrade is quite involved. The Heating & A/C company has to create a vertical or horizontal loop plan for the outdoor component. If I got a geothermal system, the guy would have to dig into our shrubbery for this. So I get it, Heating & A/C upgrade for a heat pump is not straight-forward so it will cost more. Due to these high initial prices, I can’t afford the heat pump. I want it terribly though. The energy savings are enough to make anyone want a single. Rather than create heat energy, the heat pump finds it in the air quality & uses it. In the winter, heat energy outside or underground is pumped indoors, but for summer time cooling, the heat energy inside is pushed out to create a cooling effect. It saves so much energy & the air quality is way cleaner doing this. Since the plan does not have any HVAC duct, it can be used for zone control too, but each room in the house can have a control unit that determines the temperature for only that single space. This saves even more energy. Rooms that go unused or need less Heating & A/C, don’t have to get it.