Radiant flooring requires no maintenance

I’m not one too take care of my things very well, which is why I recently switched to radiant flooring.

A few weeks ago my AC unit stopped working because I never maintained it. It has been really hot this summer, which makes an AC unit essential. I called my local HVAC technician and he said he would come out right away. When the HVAC technician got to my house and took a look at my heating and cooling system he suggested a complete upgrade. At first I thought he was just trying to scam me, but he explained that since he was already out he would give me a better deal on an entire heating and cooling system overhaul. He chose a ductless mini split instead of my typical central heating and cooling which I said sounded good to me. Next he explained heated flooring to me and at first I thought it was way out of my price range. The more the HVAC technician talked about heated flooring, the more interested I got. It does get very cold in my house in the winter so I decided to bit the bullet and let him install heated flooring. He told me that the heated flooring doesn’t need to be maintained and I would experience an amazing level of heat in my entire house. Apparently with heated flooring there are no cold spots, which I am looking forward too! I really dislike the winter, but now that I have upgraded my heating and cooling system I am excited to test out the new purchases.


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