How to save 15% on your heating and cooling costs

If you are always looking for a bargain I have news for you.

I wasn’t really aware of this until a few weeks ago, but the best to start saving money is right inside your house.

I always just kind of figured my heating and cooling costs were a fixed bill until recently when I talked to a friend of mine that works as an HVAC technician. I was talking about my heating and cooling costs and he was alarmed at how high they were. He told me that he had a ton of energy saving tips if I was interested and I excitedly told him I was. The first thing he said I should do is to make sure my insulation was properly keeping the heating and cooling inside of the house. I went around to all of my windows and checked the insulation to make sure all of that precious air my AC unit was producing was staying inside. After I fixed all of the leaks in my house I took some more advice from him about HVAC care. I cleaned my AC unit as much as I could to ensure it was going to be running efficiently. The last thing I did was to go over to my thermostat and turn the temperature down a little bit. He explained that in all his years of HVAC the most common issue he sees is people setting the thermostat too high or too low. He told me if I set my thermostat to a more mild temperature and turn it off during peak times I will save a ton of money.
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