Should I get a humidifier but I am renting?

These type of humidifiers are quite costly and I could not install it myself.

I have been seriously thinking about getting a humidifier, then dry air quality affects me more than anyone else, however my skin right away begins to get ashy looking the moment the beach condo heating system turns on. My lips chap and our nose gets dry too. My nose is what is the worst, but the inside of our nose gets so dry that it bleeds… I can’t blow our nose or even touch it separate from it hurting. These are all indications of the indoor air quality being too dry. The reason I have not bitten the bullet and purchased a humidifier is because I am a roommate. My neighbor Hannah owns the condo I am renting. It is her heating device that is drying out the air quality. I guess I need a humidifier that is going to install right into the heating system device, then as the heating system turns on, moisture is introduced into the air. Also doing this, every room in the condo would be a little more humid. The heating system would be more effective too. These type of humidifiers are quite costly and I could not install it myself. I would need to get a Heating and Air Conditioning company to do it. There are cheap little humidifiers that sit up and effect a single room. If there any point of getting this though? I sleep and read in our kitchen, however but I do a lot of labor in the dining room and I exercise in there too! What about the entryway? I don’t think our nose would be fixed by only getting moisture in a single room. But I don’t want to buy something that Hannah would just keep.